Thursday, May 03, 2012


ATC turns 5 years old this November and God is still Blessing this very special fellowship as an avenue of deliverance and healing for His Children! 

Every Tuesday eve @ 7pm we meet to talk about our issues, our hang-ups, our struggles, our addictions, our dysfunctional families - our past hurts & disappointments.  And every Tuesday eve @ 7pm God meets us there to give us healing, deliverance, and the answers to the "why's & why nots" of our lives. 

We all  handle our life experiences in different ways - past or present hurt & dissapointment, betrayal, abuse, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, loss, lonliness, etc., all serve to shape our thoughts, emotions, and our will.  Each of us will experience something that deeply affects and/or alters our present & future perspective of  our life.  Some of us choose to receive these experiences as stagnating & hindering, while others choose to receive them as opportunities to grow & mature.  

The Key to experiencing growth & maturity, instead of stagnation & failure, is to allow adversity to sharpen & polish us into fine gold.  And regardless of what the world's beliefs are about self-healing, positive thinking, etc., etc., etc. - there's really only ONE WAY to be totally healed of hurt, totally delivered from life-hindering habits, totally set free from people, places & things, and totally at Peace in our daily life - that ONE WAY is to be Addicted to Christ - the simple, basic Truth! 
NO!  It's not religion, which is man's fatal attempt to reach God through rules, tradition, guilt or penance.  It's not fanatical idol worship of dead things.  It's not empty or unreachable promises.  And it's not for the sweet-by & by!  It's for here & now, TODAY, because tomorrow may be too late!
It's simply a loving relationship with The God who created the whole universe.  It's a Father to child relationship with The Father who created us.  It's a brother/sister relationship with Jesus which He established from the beginning, and secured with His Blood on the cross.  Is there anyone on this earth for whom you would die a tortuous death?   Is there anyone who would die a tortuous death for you?   Becoming Addicted to Christ is a 1-step choice to a Relationship & life-style which offers freedom from all types of bondage brought on by the pains of our past & present behavior. 

So, if you want some real Answers to your questions, if you want a real experience with The Living God who truly loves and cares for you, and if you want to talk to people who've come out of the darkness & pain of addictions, abusive relationships, divorce, broken homes, jail, etc., then you'll want to stop in and experience ATC.  You won't leave the same way you came! 

Hope to see you soon - B Blessed! 

Monday, April 06, 2009

You Won't Leave Here the Way You Came!

It's hard to fully explain A.T.C. because you have to experience it for yourself. It's not the same to each person - it's as individual as you are. The Answers - whatever you need to get your life back on track, to stop behavior that's destroying you & those you love, and to begin to live & experience the life you were created for – the Answers are here for you, if you want to take hold of them.

We meet at 7:00 pm every Tuesday @ 6455 E Washington St, Irvington Plaza (behind La Hacienda Restaurant) Indy, 46219. The only times we won't meet is when a field trip is planned, the weather is too dangerous for travel, or the Tuesday is a holiday - which rarely happens. (check our website, for a calendar of events or call 317/353-8377 or 317/414-7442). Ages 12 & older. (if you can't find a babysitter for the younger ones, bring them - we'll keep them busy). Don't let anything keep you from coming - it's your chance to get on with your life!

You may have been to AA, CA, NA, Al anon, etc. meetings. You may have had counseling. You may have been in one or more programs to help your situation. You may have been in jail or prison. ATC is for you. Or, are you the loved one of the one having trouble? A.T.C. was designed for you too! Whatever your past experience - get ready for a new and most UNIQUE experience!

Everyone in A.T.C. has been addicted, abused or abusive, depressed, angry, bitter, lonely, deceived, locked up or locked down. Every person has hurt, or has been hurt by family, loved ones, friends or others. Personal dignity, confidence, self-worth, and hope - have all been compromised.

Those 'afflicted' have thrown away family, friends, money, jobs/careers, homes, cars, and other possessions while trying to find that 'place' of happiness and peace. In their own pain, anger, guilt & shame they got wrapped up in bitterness, abuse, drugs, alcohol or prostitution. They lost a lot of time, and a large piece of them died.

Those 'affected' by those afflicted, have loved and devoted our lives to them even though they can't seem to break free of the addictions, the anger & bitterness, or even the past. Our lives revolved around their 'issues', we've moved, lost family & friends, changed jobs, missed opportunities, lost possessions, and lost control of our own lives. We've lost a lot of time, and a big part of us died also.

But, through A.T.C., we each find ourselves again, We each are healed, and we each begin to come alive again! That elusive place of peace, happiness, and safety becomes real to each of us. Relationships are restored, broken & wounded hearts are healed, and material possessions no longer slip away. Our dignity, our confidence, and our self-worth is redefined according to the new life we see ahead.

For the first time in a very long time - we can really say that we are free! Free from fear, confusion, slavery to drugs or alcohol, or another person. We are free to make intelligent decisions based on our new perspective, our new outlook on life as it pertains to our purpose in life. We are able to use our talents, gifts and abilities to their fullest. We are able to see the full potential in ourselves. We can look in the mirror and like what we see. We can look at others and like what they see in us!

Please! Don't put it off, don't let anyone talk you out of it, don't let anything keep you from it. Come ASAP! Bring a spouse, or a family member, a loved one, a friend or whomever - just come! Experience it for yourself, then make the decision if A.T.C. is for you or not.
No pressure, no guilt, no judgment. Just understanding of what you are going through, and the Answer to the Way out! It's up to you.

Hope to see you soon - your friends & family at A.T.C.